Rave History was created in about 2006 hence the site looks dated but it did connect with people some years back after I managed to get a copy on VHS of my first the Rave. The Birmingham Rag Market were for a night people danced as one.

I'm always lurking but life is what happens when you are busy making other plans and I get busy but I'd like to Thank all silly happy people that gave me some special nights out in my youth. A time which seems like a life time ago but holds a special place in my heart....

                                                 ....a magical time remembered




I'm getting older which is inevitable but still whenever I hear a classic tune I just close my eyes and smile.
 I'm 17 and flying high in the Eclipse. I just remember how good we had it. The raves and the early days 
of the clubs were an adult playgrounds and for many, we didn't want the ride to end.

  I've been a closet geek for many years and have seen the Internet develop and change, rebrand and evolve.  From the late 90's where early chat rooms were demonised and banned and programs like VPlaces 
 were subcultures in themselves. MSN messenger and ICQ chat were the popular forms of online chat only to
 be now replaced Facebook and Twitter with even mySpace in decline just years after it peaked. 

The worlds become a much smaller place, a world full of CCTV and old bill who are actually now clued up, a 
world of smoking bans, little chavvy no mark's who think an appearance on Jeremy Kyle is good exposure 
and  people more concerned with facebook than shaking your hand. A culture of narcissism and 
self promotion where as the Rave's were about people and emotion. Sharing the good times and connecting.

We live in a digital world which is awash with torrents, forums and communities but to anyone who remembers
the early days of trying to download old tunes off Napster when some rotter cut your download off at 98% will probably like me, cuddle your broadband modem each night and shudder at the thought of going back to dial up.

We have a lot to thank the Internet for and none more so than me as in late 2006 I had a Birmingham club 
promoter contact me. Not only that, he trusted me enough to loan me his sisters original VHS video copy of the 
Rag  Market Rave from back in the day just so I could make a copy myself.

Totally unexpected. Total result. Priceless. Sincere thanks.

Proof that in a world which isn't short of pondlife and nutters, that there are still some cracking 
people about. My web sites (I got several)  have enabled me to relive my youth watching The Prodigy perform at Global Gathering and be on stage at Raindance with Shades of Shades of Rhythm and SUAD.

I am just a normal guy like so many who went to the Rave's and when I started this my main goal is help preserve accurate memories from the magical age of rave. I was the main youTuber before been a youTuber became a thing and I always loathed the Internet 'self appointed' elite, sitting on the moral  'rave high ground' acting like they had it better and more than anyone else while throwing repressed vinyl at old ravers like me and moaning about how MCs got in the way of the music. I suggest you 'click off' as it's plums taking things too serious that killed the rave scene in the form that many of us like to remember it as.

 I just loved pills, sweaty bug eyed women and dancing the night away,  If you like me had some fun wobbling around warehouses, fields and clubs then 'Be Lucky - Peace Be With You '  

Now as the chill out party host once said "My house is your house ...just wipe your feet on the way in"

''Live the life you love and love the life you live''  


The Worlds ever changing.

The rock band Anthrax hit the nail on the head when they titled their 1990 album ‘Persistence of Time’. Time waits for no one.....I just wish I’d thought ahead in 1992 and stocked up on California Sunrises. 

The original Rave History site began with me trying to get a copy of the video footage filmed at the Time & Underground Rag Market Rave in 1991. A night which saw Birmingham united in dance. A legendary event which sadly seems like a lifetime ago to me. 
As featured on Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems