There were two types of raver’s that ventured to Shellys and that was your trendy raver’s complete with Nick Coleman tops and polished Chelsea boots who enjoyed artists such as Sasha and Dave Seaman on Friday nights. Friday night was promoted by Entropy as was the more mellow of the nights but still enlisted the help of MC's.

Saturday night was promoted by Amnesia House and harder edge. Raver’s turned up with Fila trainers, often wearing shorts and pretty much always a twisted grin. There were many artists from up that way that were at the time putting rave on the map. Altern8 and Bizarre Inc were all local lads and I even have memories of sticking my head through a car window on the car park and saying hello to the Altern8 guys. The Shellys car park was always heaving with faces and the nights after Shelly's are as legendary as the club itself. On one occasion Altern8 just turned up with a 10k sound system and started a PA on the car park at 3am (pictured below).

For me I just remember everyone been amazed at a car which had a car alarm on it which when rocked sounded out the Robocop voice asking people to move away from the car and telling them they had 20 seconds to comply and so everyone bangd all the more. Shellys certainly pulled in a mix of people.

Unlike the Coventry Eclipse, Shellys security were a little more on top and they door searches were a pain but once through the door you walked into the club, the heat and the music. If you keep to your right you walked along a bar and then down steps to the dance floor which was never empty. Once inside the club was a mash up fest with people dancing everywhere and people even standing up on the bar having it.

I have fond memories of just down past the stage by the cloak room. It was probably the only area of the club were you could chill out. There was a girl selling tip top and cool air being pumped in. Otherwise to all that remember Shellys will remember the heat and often seeing steam rise of bodies when under the light of the bar.

Shellys was a club and a half and the car park after was as much a legend as the club itself. On occasion I could be seen selling cans of Lilt at a £1 a can after the night. If you bought one, chances are it was me you bought it off.

Shellys was a cracking club, an intimate club which was frequented mainly by regulars and unlike mainly clubs there really wasn't a chill out area so people just rocked it. When Amnesia House put on the Amnesia Wedding at Brayfield stadium in July 1992 the whole club was there.

  Shellys R.I.P.
  Top One. Nice One. Get Sorted.

Shellys was a true sweat box of a club. As the beats lifted, so did the crowd. There’s a lot been said about Shellys but I think all we agree it was a quality venue. It had its problems as it was under the eye of Booby Law for quite some time. I myself remember chatting a few times to slightly out of place raver’s who were clearly under cover old bill. They chatted and had stories; they tried to blend but never quite pulled it off. I remember two of them even now. At the time we just though they were straights trying to be cool but later it was to emerge that Shellys was under heavy police observation (see video at bottom of this page).

As featured on Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems